Klaske Oenema

Saturday 16th May: performance for two in the small church of Marsum (GN) for the cancelled festival Terug naar het Begin 2020.

Canceled or postponed
4th March: Performance at opening exhibit Verknipt en Verscheurd (Cut & Torn) Hoofddorp
16-18th May: Exhibit/performance at Festival Terug naar het Begin 2020 in the church of Marsum.

On the 11th of December 2019 the Obe Postma evening took place in Perdu, Amsterdam. Postma (1886-1963) is a beautiful Frisian poet I had not heard of before. For this evening I put the poem Wider Útsjoch to music and made  shadow works to add to it live. Listen to the track on Soundcloud.
Permanent Projections Project (2019-2020)
Shadow works on paper

My lamp (2019). Material: plastics, celotape 

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